Woodbridge Road Police Station

Woodbridge Road Police Station, is another project where collaboration is the key to a successful community outcome. The once attractive forecourt had become overgrown and in need of some tender loving care. In 2006 the Heart of England in Bloom Judges recommended “better co-ordination of the maintenance of the Police Station grounds” It was time for a makeover. Last summer, thanks to the high velocity Laburnum Grove Residents Action Group, LAGRAG, led by the indefatigable Val and Brendan Patchell and to volunteers WPC Rachel Lamerton and WPC Sharon Johnson all the beds were cleared of rubbish and weeded. The long side border was planted with phormiums, grasses, and an acer and a seasonal succession of white bergenias, spiraea and cosmos which help lighten the area against the dark brick wall which should eventually be covered by the two existing Parthenocissus henryana.
After a tentative start there is now the prospect of a really good partnership cemented by financial contributions from the three parties: West Midlands Police, MIB and LAGRAG. The scheme donated by benevolent benefactor John Cutts of Landscape by Design, aims for year round low-maintenance planting and necessitates clearing out the tired old planting and planting anew. Natalie Higgins has appealed for” six burly officers who want to work up a sweat to have the area cleared in an hour” ready for the LAGRAG team who have earmarked this weekend to plant three red stemmed acers, surrounded by grasses and prepare the triangular bed for summer bedding and bulbs.

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