Jun 18

Welcome to Moseley’s Chicks…

hensWith more and more people looking at ways of “growing their own”, it’s no supprise that hen keeping is also growing in popularity! You’d be forgiven to think it’s a new ‘fad’, but it has in fact been popular for many years!

Below Deborah Taylor and Judy Ward – Moseley’s very own chicks set the scene for urban hen keeping…

A novice hen keeper

We’d started looking after my neighbours’ hens occasionally and were dithering about whether to start keeping them ourselves when, out of the blue, my brother gave me a hen coop for Christmas.  It was now or never.  We visited Oak Meadow Farm at Romsley, dithered some more and ended up choosing three lovely chickens.  The children named them (don’t ask!) and we were off.  The farm gave us a guide to keeping chickens telling us all we needed to know and you can get all their stuff from the pet shop in York Road, Kings Heath.

They are really easy to keep (food, water and cleaning out – like most pets) but with the added advantage of wonderful eggs which taste much better than the usual.

They make great pets, are quite tame and are happy to be stroked.  We keep them secure from foxes, but they’re out whenever we’re in the garden.  Watching their antics is much better than the average episode of Big Brother!

Judy Ward


My hen keeping began 18 years ago when my son easily persuaded me to allocate a space in the garden so he could build a hen house for a part of his Duke of Edinburgh award and many hens later we have never looked back!!

This first hotel – on – legs was enclosed in a secure wire netting run and at a later date gained a perpex roof to avoid the inevitable quagmire from rain.

Their winter quarters are in a large greenhouse where the little bugs and beasties are pecked out and the soil turned over; old charlie fox leapt through the glass one night and did his worst so now a simple narrow green plastic fence reinforces the lower windows. Another small travelling arc completes the choice for summer, moving over rough grass.

The eggs are a constant pleasure for us and also nourishing young children and pregnant mums! Holidays are no problem with several keen neighbours more than willing to realise a hidden dream.

Defintely a success story.

We will soon be providing you with more information on how you can keep chickens so be sure to come back!

Deborah Taylor.