Trees Please Vacancy!

min-street-trees-07-16.jpgWe have a volunteer vacancy available for anyone interested in trees! Our “Trees Please” programme was formed as a direct result of the tornado that decimated Moseley back in July 2005 and looks to replace the many trees that were destroyed and add some more.

During the past 5 years, we have planted 157 trees on the streets of Moseley which has been recognised both locally and nationally.

The programme involves working with councillors and the Birmingham City Parks and Nurseries suggesting which trees should be planted and where on the streets on Moseley. The project also looks to encourage local residents to plant trees in their front garden as part of the front gardens campaign.

The role itself  is flexible and will be left to you to organise, feeding back to the monthly Moseley in Bloom committee – giving you considerable freedom  on how you think it should be run. The objective however is simple! To ensure that we continue the programme of planting street trees in areas where it is needed and to devise a way in which to encourage local residents to plant trees in their front gardens.

If you want to be part of the winning team and you’re up for the challenge, contact us!