The Judges are coming!

Yes the time has come where we will shortly be judged – on two separate occasions!

The first is for the Regional Heart of England in Bloom campaign which takes place on Tuesday 12th July (in the afternoon). Fingers are crossed that it won’t rain this time!

The second is for the national judges of the Britain in Bloom campaign which takes place on Friday 5th August. We represent our region in this highly competitive round – representing the “Urban Communities” category. The judges are notoriously more difficult to impress but we are confident we can do Moseley justice! Can Moseley achieve a Gold?

Help us to ensure Moseley shines on both of these days and ensure that your areas are grot free.

We have some volunteering opportunities too to help us achieve our goals and we would love to see you there… We need all the help we can get!

Sunday 10thJuly(10.30am onwards)


Monday 11th July

(any time you can spend)

Regional PreparationsHelp us prepare for judging on Sunday July 10th and Monday 11th June We will be judged on Tuesday 12thJuly so all hands are required on deck to ensure Moseley shines to impress the judges…Again please email for more information.


We will meet on Moseley Village Green from 10.30am on both days.


Saturday 30th July & Sunday 31st July(10.30am onwards)National Judging PreparationAgain we need you for the national judging on this weekend – helping ensure everywhere is weed and litter free along the judging route. We need all the help we can get as the judges will be turning up on Friday 5thAugust. Let’s face it – these judges are even picker!Please email so we can ensure we have enough refreshments available for you.


We will meet on Moseley Village Green from 10.30am on both days.


Thursday 4th August(11.00am onwards)Final PreparationsJoin us once more on Thursday to help prepare us for the National competition. Moseley is sure to be magnificent over this week!

If you can help us any other time – please do let us know.

I hope you can join us on these days. If you know of friends, family or even colleagues that may be interested, please feel free to forward this email on along with my contact details.

Look out for next month’s activities!