Aug 14

Street Trees

It has always been a long-term goal of MIB to re-plant Moseley with street trees.  Old photos bear witness to the many that have been lost over the years from this once green suburb.  Our losses were multiplied in tragic fashion in July 2005 when the area suffered a tornado resulting in the loss of hundreds of trees from Moseley streets and gardens and making a dramatic change to the local environment. 

When we started, in a very modest way, the street tree planting programme in 2005-06 by planting two London planes on the High Street no street trees at all had been planted in pavements in Birmingham for over 20 years.  Working with local councillors and our local Constituency Parks Manager, our success over the last few years has meant that Moseley has become a pilot project encouraging Parks and Trees Officers and local Councillors from all over the City to follow our lead.  We have:- 

  • Planted 2 street trees in 2006
  • Planted 36 street trees in 2007
  • Planted 50 street trees in 2008
  • Successfully applied for and used £10,000 Community Chest Grant for tree planting for the last two years
  • Pioneered the use of root guards in Birmingham
  • Developed procedures for planting using CAT scanners and trial pits
  • Held a seminar to bring Tree Officers, Parks Dept Officers, Councillors and local interested parties together to discuss the way forward for tree planting in Birmingham with invited speaker David Jones (BiB judge)
  • Been instrumental in changing Council Policy with regard to tree planting and underground services in favour of the trees