Online Shopping

You can raise funds for Moseley in Bloom while you do your online shopping at absolutely no additional cost to you! We have registered with both Easy Fundraising and Amazon Smile. When you buy online, the retailer will give a percentage of the cost to Moseley in Bloom, but you pay exactly the same price.

Easy Fundraising

Register with EasyFundraising using this referral link

Easy Fundraising has linked up with over 4,000 online retailers, covering not only shopping, but services and financial products. When you have registered with EasyFundraising and make a purchase from a retailer who is in the scheme, they give a percentage to Moseley In Bloom. There is no extra cost to you, the price you pay is the same as if you were not fundraising.

Get the donation reminder
  1. First you need to register at EasyFundraising via this link. This will have a double benefit. Not only does it record your preference for supporting Moseley in Bloom, but when you have raised your first £5 for us, EasyFundraising will double it and give Moseley in Bloom another £5.
  2. Then whenever you shop, always go to the EasyFundraising List of Retailers first. Simply search for the shop you want and select it to take you on to the actual retailer’s store. This will record the fact that if your purchase is eligible for a charity donation it will be made to Moseley in Bloom
  3. An easier alternative to (2) is to download the EasyFundraising Donation Reminder browser add-on/App so that whenever you visit a retailer that is in the scheme you always get automatic recognition, even if you did not start off from the EasyFundraising Retailers page. This means you will never miss a potential donation.

Amazon Smile

Raising funds via Amazon is just as easy and you do not need to create a new account. Your existing Amazon account with all your details and order history and lists can be used on Amazon Smile.

Register your support for Moseley in Bloom

You just need to select Moseley in Bloom as your chosen charity and then always log in using the ‘smile’ version of the site i.e. (you should always see ‘smile’ in front of

Every time you buy, AmazonSmile will donate to Moseley in Bloom 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) of your eligible purchases. 

  1. First, log in to Amazon using your existing account via this Amazon Smile page to select Moseley in Bloom as the charity you want to support. This choice will be remembered so you won’t need to do it every time.
  2. Then continue to shop as usual. You’ll see a reminder in the top menu bar, showing that you are “Supporting Moseley in Bloom”
  3. If you do not see the Smile logo and ‘Supporting Moseley in Bloom’ text as in the image below, it means you are not on the ‘Smile’ version and your purchase will not generate a donation, so just go to instead.
Check that you are “Supporting Moseley in Bloom”

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