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It’s Your Neighbourhood

It’s Your Neighbourhood (IYN)

The Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHS) “It’s Your Neighbourhood” Scheme is a high priority for Moseley in Bloom because it focuses on community action. It is a grassroots community gardening campaign helping people to make lasting improvements to their local environment. It is part of the Britain in Bloom scheme that encourages and supports volunteer-led community groups in cleaning and greening up their neighbourhood. There is no charge to participate and any local voluntary group can get involved – a group of neighbours, a residents’ association, a youth club, an allotment group or simply a group of friends keen on gardening! The group should be

  • hands on and involved in community gardening
  • benefitting the community
  • volunteer-led
  • sustainable over time
  • fully responsible for the work or project involved


How does it work?
Groups can apply to join the scheme independently, by contacting the RHS via the regional In Bloom hub (Heart of England in Bloom in the Midlands), but in the Moseley area (including Kings Heath and Balsall Heath) Moseley in Bloom can provide guidance, help and support to get started (just contact our IYN representative Carol Miller No two projects are the same as each group chooses its activity based on the needs of the local community and their own interests. Projects should focus on the three core IYN pillars:

  • community participation
  • environmental responsibility
  • gardening achievement

Participants can get free horticultural advice from the RHS as well as an annual visit from an IYN assessor, arranged by the In Bloom regional hub – Heart of England in Bloom. Visits are normally in July and the assessors (who should be regarded as mentors not judges) evaluate what has been achieved and provide constructive feedback – it is not a competition – the purpose is to help the project develop as successfully as possible. All participating groups are invited to an annual regional awards ceremony to recognise and celebrate their achievements. There are five levels of achievement: 1. Establishing; 2. Improving; 3. Developing; 4. Thriving; 5. Outstanding. In Moseley, participants are also invited to our own annual awards night in November, to celebrate with all our other award winners. Most important of all, it should be an enjoyable experience for all concerned, with the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a valuable contribution to your local community.

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