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Moseley In Bloom Awards

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The Moseley in Bloom awards started in 2006 and take place in late summer each year and give public recognition to some of the local residents and businesses that are a credit to the community. The original concept was to encourage everybody to take part in improving the local environment and to make the urban village of Moseley as attractive as possible.

We now have two main award campaigns, in addition to the “It’s Your Neighbourhood” (IYN) Scheme that is run through the Heart of England campaign:

The first are the original Moseley in Bloom Awards which are presented in the following categories: Star Shop, Most Captivating Café, Rosiest Restaurant, Most Blooming Boozer, Most Floral Faith Group, Most Blooming Business or Institution, Evergreen Elders, Special Achievement Award. Credit is given for the horticultural display, the imaginative use of planters and the maintenance of the display.

The second campaign is the MiB Front Garden Awards which now have three categories: Small Gardens, Large Gardens and Parking Gardens (gardens that have been modified to increase parking while retaining an attractive garden component). The purpose of this new category is to encourage residents to design a significant garden area with attractive and colourful plantings alongside the area designated for parking. In addition, credit will be given for the environmental friendliness of the hard standing – using permeable surfaces or drains to capture run-off. Gardens can be nominated by residents, or will be identified by Moseley in Bloom Committee members. We are happy to include gardens in the whole B13, greater Moseley area.

Judging for both campaigns takes place in July or August. Everyone who has worked with us this year or has participated in any of the campaigns will be warmly invited to attend the awards night, usually held in November.


Award Recipients 2017

Star Shop
Winner: Nima Delicatessen
Highly commended: A Painted Room

Most Captivating Cafe
Winner: Maison Mayci

Highly commended: Damascena

Rosiest Restaurant
Winner: Ponte di Legno

Highly commended: La Plancha

Most Blooming Boozer
Winner: Elizabeth of York

Highly commended: Patrick Kavanagh

Most Floral Faith Group
Winner: St Mary’s Church
Highly commended: Birmingham Buddhist Centre and Riverside House

Most Blossoming Business or Institution
Winner: O’Brien Estates
Highly commended: Moseley CDT

Evergreen Elders
Winner: Lorne Court

Highly commended: Sorrento Court and Maple Dene

Most …

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2016 Awards

Moseley in Bloom Awards 2016
Star Shop: Winner – Nima’s Delicatessen; Highly commended – A Painted Room
Most Captivating Cafe: Winner – Damascena; Highly commended – Maison Mayci
Rosiest Restaurant: Winner – La Plancha; Highly commended – Kababish
Most Blooming Boozer: Winner – Elizabeth of York; Highly commended – Fighting Cocks
Most Floral Faith Group: Winner – Birmingham Buddhist Centre; …

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