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Moseley in Bloom annual reviews

Moseley In Bloom Review 2017
Moseley in Bloom Review 2013
Moseley in Bloom Review 2012
Moseley in Bloom Review 2011
Moseley in Bloom Review 2009

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RHS Impact Reports

Below are reports conducted by the Royal Horticulture Society on the impact of “in Bloom” initiatives within their communities focusing on these following areas:


Britain in Bloom Impact Report
Britain in Bloom Impact report – full version

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The unfinished tiles


Welcome to Moseley!
Moseley, Birmingham is a green suburb that has retained its identity and is referred to as “Moseley Village”. Islington is often referred to as “the Moseley of the south”. It is famous for its Jazz, Folk and Arts festivals, Farmer’s markets, Tolkien, history and green spaces,

Moseley is derived from Mouse and Ley (field)
 Ley lines …

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Making the map

We are extremely gratefull to our sponsors without whom the Moseley Village Map could not have been made.
Limoges trust
Birmingham Common Good Trust
Moseley Round Table (Moseley 316)
Concept design, planning and frame: Brendan Patchell
Artist, ceramic tiles: Samantha McEwan
Instigating chair: Jan Miller
Completion chair: Carol Miller
Moseley in Bloom (MIB) is part of the Royal Horticultural Society’s (RHA) national competition to …

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Moseley In Bloom Awards

The Moseley in Bloom awards started in 2006 and take place in late summer each year and give public recognition to some of the local residents and businesses that are a credit to the community. The original concept was to encourage everybody to take part in improving the local environment and to make the urban …

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