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Open Gardens FAQ

Are all the gardens the same as those which opened last year?

  • No – Wherever possible, we try to keep the Open Gardens event fresh by incorporating new gardens onto the list. This helps to give variety to those who visit the event year on year. Some gardens are opened twice in successive years as these are popular with many visitors. We do however try to limit this wherever possible. We also do have some old favourites which we will use in future years so that you can see how they have been developed and matured.

What are the monies raised used for?

  • The Moseley in Bloom Open Gardens Weekend is one of the biggest fundraising and community events of the year – helping to raise much needed funds for various projects which include working with schools, enhancing the local green spaces and other permanent planting projects within Moseley by volunteers from Moseley in Bloom. It also helps to fund and maintain the floral displays in summer (these are not funded by Birmingham City Council – but by Moseley in Bloom). Moseley in Bloom is a Charitable Association (registered charity number 1141664) which seeks to improve the local community and making Moseley a pleasant a safe place for those who live, work and play. You can be sure that the monies raised go back into the community for all to benefit.

Where can I buy my tickets?

  • Tickets can be purchased in advance and also on the day at selected gardens. The ticket points will be made public closer to the event and will be available in the Open Gardens guide.

Can I open my garden for you?

I have a small garden – are you only interested in large gardens?

  • No way! We like to have a wide variety of gardens on the day. Many people visiting are looking to get inspiration for their own gardens whether it be a small courtyard area or a large stately garden… That’s what makes this event so popular! Please do not be put off thinking that we only want large gardens – variety is the spice!

Can I volunteer to help out?

  • Absolutely! We need volunteers to help run the event over the weekend. It is our volunteers which make this a success. Volunteering can take the form of selling tickets, selling plants, selling refreshments or being a “Runner” – going around the locations ensuring that every garden opener and other volunteers are okay on the day! Please check our Apply to volunteer page and find out more about volunteering for Moseley in Bloom.

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