Sep 17

Moseley in Bloom wins Gold!

mib-2009-hoe-celebration-5It was with some trepidation that five of us from Moseley in Bloom travelled to this year’s award ceremony in Pershore on 3rd September.

Moseley in Bloom participates in the Urban Community category in the Heart of England region, which includes Staffordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and the West Midlands. There are 13 different categories, ranging from large city to small village and entries are assessed against a rigorous set of criteria, under the headings of Horticultural Achievement (50%), Environmental Responsibility (25%) and Community Participation (25%).

The setting for this year’s presentation was the splendor of Pershore Abbey with over 300 people attending including several Lord Mayors and other notable dignitaries. Birmingham did really well. There were two Special Awards for our fellow ‘Bloomers’ in Balsall Heath, firstly, the Litter Management Award and secondly the School Involvement Award for Tindal School.

Fox Hollies School, via Kings Heath, got the Special Award for Endeavour and Determination. We were also thrilled that Moseley in Bloom got a Certificate of Merit for our Meteoric Make-over project for the Bristol Street Motors site.

There were 45 Category Awards, and by the time it came to the Urban Community category, our nerves were on edge. There were 7 entries in our category and they started with the lowest awards first. Two entries received Silver, three, including Kings Heath and Balsall Heath received Silver Gilts, so we realized that we must have kept our Gold. They then announced Birmingham City Centre, who also achieved Gold, but then came Moseley in Bloom, achieving Gold as well as Category Winner! We were over the moon and it was with great pride for the achievement of all our Moseley Bloomers that Jan Miller – Chair of Moseley in Bloom received the certificates and the engraved vase.

But that was not the end of it. Just before the end of the proceedings, the judges announced that the Heart of England in Bloom was putting forward three nominations for the National Britain in Bloom competition for 2010.These were Norton, in the small village category, Solihull in the City category and Moseley in the Urban Community category.

We couldn’t have hoped for more. This is an amazing accolade for all the people in Moseley and beyond who have contributed in so many different ways. We have been amazed at the support we have received this year, particularly with regard to our Meteoric Make-over at the Bristol Street Motors site, and special thanks are due to Four Seasons nursery, for adults with learning difficulties, who planted and grew the 900 seeds required for the site. Many people from diverse interests and backgrounds, including some from Midland Mencap and Midland Heart Charity for recovering addicts, as well as local passers-by have joined us in weeding, digging, planting etc and the team spirit was brilliant, even in the pouring rain! We would also like to thank Alan Corrigan and his street-cleaning crew, but particularly Scott and Tony, who take such pride in cleaning our streets, as well as Graham and Kim, our street wardens.

Many have commented on how good the Village has been looking. Moseley is a great place to live and it is gratifying to see this recognized in the ‘In Bloom’ awards – now we just have to find somewhere to display our certificates and trophy.

The work now starts for the national Britain in Bloom competition and we want to achieve more and really go for Gold in 2010. We will be working harder than ever and already projects are being planned and developed.

If anyone would like to join in the hive of activity, whether it is to be part of the committee or as a volunteer, email info@moseleyinbloom.org.uk.