Nov 03

Moseley in Bloom Awards 2009

achievement_awardWell it’s been announced. The Moseley in Bloom Awards were held on Wednesday 21st October in The Cross and the businesses, institutions and individuals arrived to partake in the celebrations.

This year saw the introduction of a brand new award – Cultivating Kids – to recognise the contribution of our loocal schools and to encourage even greater community participation.

Below are details of the 2009 winners.

If you are interested in entering the competition for 2010, then watch this space….

2009 Winners

Star Shop:

Moseley Emporium
Fantastic planting at all levels and corners. the planting  makes a super splash of colour.

Special Mention:

Pottery and Peices
Good solid display with good use of hydrangeas.

Top Takeaway


Very smart and tidy with good colourful overall appearence. An extra special well done, as this is the first time this trophy has been awarded.

Rosiest Restaurant:


Once again Kababish creates and very colourful impact on the street.

Most Blooming Boozer:

The Prince of Wales
Once again this pub has made a huge effort and has demonstrated a profusion of colour with a variety of planters at all levels and plants flowering for a longer period.

Special Mentions:

The Fighting Cocks

A very colourful impact in the prominent position in the centre of the villiage.

Most Cultivating Kids:

On this occasion three schools have beenawarded the trophy and tey will keep it for one term each.

King David School

The most environmentally friendly.

Moseley Church of England Primary School

The most improved school.

SS John & Monica Catholic Primary School

The most innovative .

Most Floral Faith Group:

St Anne’s

The maturing Peace Garden, the newly designed Labyrinth and the overall tidiness of the churchyard has helped to demonstrate the spirituality of the location. The contribution from the Youth Group was particularly creditable and the mulberry tree was a special hit with the judges.
Special Mention:

St Columba’s

The foral impact of this location, with flowers planted in every available bit of earth, together with the efforts of the young children from Montessori Nursery have shown once again the love and care showered upon it.

Most Inspired Institution:

No overall Winner this year.

Special Mention:

Moseley  & District Churches and Housing Association

Good Efforts have been made to create a colourful frontage to both their own frontage and the ajoinin wall.

Woodbridge Road Police Station
The continued permanent planting projects at the Station makes a very colourful impact in Woodbridge Road.

Most Blossoming Business:

Wheatley Management

Despite being on the first floor, Wheatley’s care for thier window boxes helps create a vibrant colour scheme on St. Mary’s Row.

Most Flourishing Front Garden:

The format of this award has changed this year in order to encourage even more members of the community to become involved. We have expanded beyond the pervious area along the judging route and now include most of Moseley, which we have divided into three sections, North, West and East.

Small teams of Moseley in Bloom Volunteers scoured these three areas to find the most flourishing front gardens. The short listed gardens were then assessed by the local judges who decided upon a winner in each section, plus one overall winner of the Most Flourishing Front Garden Award.

East Moseley

37 Blenheim Road

This front garden demonstrated a very clever use of space with good colour combination in a simple design in keeping with the style of the house.

Special mentions:

5 Cambridge Road

77 Cambridge Road

West Moseley

14 Shutlock Lane

Fantastic traditional gardens, maintained to an exceptionally high standard.

Special Mentions:

5 Mapperley Gardens

20 Reddings Road

North Moseley

2 The Hawthornes

Excellent choice of plants for all year round colours which is restful on the eye. Good and extremely low maintenance community garden.

Special Mentions:

12 Laburnam Grove

102 Park Hill

Overall Winner of the Most Flourishing Front Garden 2009

2 The Hawthornes

Special Achievement Award:

Four Seasons Nursery

The hard work, co-operation and comitment from all their workers, but particularly from Kathy Carter and Pete Haddon, planting and growing on the 900 seeds required for the Meteor Ford site was outstanding.