Mar 25

Moseley in Bloom Launches 2009 Campaign

It’s daffodil time in Moseley: as Wordsworth might have observed, “Beside the pubs, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze” – and there are more and more daffodils planted each year by the volunteers from Moseley in Bloom. 

However Moseley is officially bursting into bloom this Saturday March 28th at the Farmers’ Market from 9 am.  Bloomers will be on parade at a new springtime plant stall laden with potted bulbs in bud and in bloom, narcissi, tulips and anemones – ready for planting out: so if you missed out last autumn you could cheat a bit and catch up now with some instant spring colour for your garden. And if you need some advice, Moseley’s finest gardening gurus, all professional horticulturalists, will be on hand with the answers to your questions, queries and perennial plant problems in a special limited edition of “Gardeners’ Question Time” 

Moseley is determined to hang on to the Gold Award it won last year in the Urban Communities’ category of the Heart of England in Bloom. Times are tough and the volunteers recognise that they will have to work even harder this year to raise funds.  But we have new ideas and new people on board, so it’s

            Banish the Gloom with Moseley in Bloom and Help us Shine in 2009!