Judgment Day Looms for those that Bloom!

Well this is it – it’s our last chance to impress the national judges! Last time we were entered into the National competition (2008), we were awarded silver gilt. Can we notch it up to a Gold award or even category winners? The stakes are even higher this time!

Please see the summary below of upcoming activities throughout the next couple of weeks. Please do come and help – if you work locally – can you persuade your team to help and volunteer?

Saturday & Sunday 

7th & 8th August

National Britain in Bloom Judging PreparationThe time has come again and we need to ensure Moseley in Spick & Span for the regional Heart of England in Bloom campaign. 

Judges will be appearing in Moseley judging our efforts – so it’s the last chance for us to ensure everything is neat and tidy!

Areas of focus will be:

  • Tree bases
  • Village wines (on corner of Woodbridge Road)
  • Car Park beds
  • Network Rail Entrance
  • King David School Entrance
  • St Marys Church & alley
  • Bristol Street Motors

There is plenty to be done over the weekend and we need your support!

Please come down to the Meteor Ford site on both days from 10.00am to help us to achieve that hard to get Gold for the national campaign!

Please email info@moseleyinbloom.org.uk

Monday 9th, Tuesday  10th & Wednesday 11thFinal PreparationsAreas to be covered are as follows: 

  • BT Site
  • Moseley Gate

Please email info@moseleyinbloom.org.uk

Thursday 12thMore Final PreparationsAreas that need to be covered: 

  • Dead heading floral displays
  • Ensure car park is litter free
  • CDT area
  • Bases of lampposts

Please email info@moseleyinbloom.org.uk

Friday 13thJudgment DayAgain we need volunteers to help as runners in the morning. This entails going around the judging circuit to help ensure it is litter free. 

The judges will be here from 9.30am (possibly sooner) so it will be an early start.

We need you to help to ensure that as much litter is picked up and disposed of so if you are in the area, please help and pick up the litter on your way.

Please email info@moseleyinbloom.org.uk

I hope you can join us on these days. If you know of friends, family or even colleagues that may be interested, please feel free to forward this email on along with my contact details.

Looking forward to seeing you over the next week or so….