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It’s Your Neighbourhood Results 2017

Heart of England in Bloom It’s Your Neighbourhood 2017

Moseley/Kings Heath area awards

Billesley Lane Allotments   Level 5   Outstanding

Edgbaston Priory Club and Calthorpe Community School  Level 4 Thriving

Goldfingers (Goldsmith Road)    Level 4 Thriving

Kings Heath Village Square  Level 5 Outstanding

Lorne Court  Level 5  Outstanding

Maple Dene  Level 5 Outstanding

Martineau Gardens Level 5 Outstanding

Newport Road Residents  Level 2 Improving

Peacock Road Gardeners Level 3 Advancing   + Merit Award for Kate Wilcox, coordinator.

The Moseley Society Dovecote Garden  Level 5 Outstanding

The Woodvillians (Woodville Road)   Level 3 Advancing

98A School Road  Level 2 Improving

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