How much does your green environment mean to you?

Here is a chance to lead a well-established and financially-sound charity that has as its mission the preservation and enhancement of Moseley’s green environment.

Moseley in Bloom is seeking one or preferably two people to take over the running of the charity, with effect from July 2019.

The current Co-Chairs, after four successful years, have decided to stand down when their term of office comes to an end in July 2019. One, or preferably two, people are needed to take over the running of the charity and to oversee all its activities.

Currently, the range of activities includes:

  • Raising funds from local businesses and other sources to help pay for the floral displays and Christmas lights in the Village
  • Organising and running the annual Open Gardens Weekend
  • Running plant stalls at the Farmers Market 5 times per year
  • Organising our own local awards
  • Maintaining and growing the Friends of Moseley in Bloom scheme
  • Community gardening activities such as the Village Carpark
  • Coordinating entries to the RHS’s It’s Your Neighbourhood scheme
  • Special projects as they arise, including, currently, a project involving primary schools

The distribution and range of activities are flexible and open to modification, depending on the skills and interests of the person(s) coming forward.

The charity is very flexible as far as the structure of new arrangements is concerned. The current co-chair arrangement could be maintained, or, for example, a Chair/Deputy Chair or Chair/Executive Secretary combination would be possible. Realistically, the current range of activities at chair level would place significant demands on a single person, and we believe that two people in any combination as indicated above would find it easier to fulfil the existing requirements of the charity. In any case, the chair(s) are supported by an active, reliable, skilful and willing committee of about 10 people.

As a small charity, Moseley in Bloom is entirely dependent on fundraising and volunteers to carry out its activities. Therefore, this opportunity is on a volunteer and non-remunerated basis.

Anyone interested should contact the current co-chair, Jean Gilkison, on or 07710 020274 for a friendly and informal discussion.