Going for Gold in 2015

Moseley in Bloom is going for Gold again in 2015! After years of tremendous achievements, thanks to the efforts of a small group of volunteers, it was becoming harder to maintain the same high standards without more support and it seemed that we had to call it a day. But our cri de coeur has produced such an encouraging response that it’s clear Moseley still wants this to happen. So, yes, we are going to enter the Heart of England in Bloom campaign for 2015. The theme for the next three years is ‘Greener Streets: Better Lives’ (www.rhs.org.uk) which gives us a lot of scope in planning our campaign. What does this theme mean for you, your street, your business, your neighbourhood? It’s your environment that we want to enhance!

We need people, ideas, enthusiasm and funding. We need you! Please get in touch to see how you can help: info@moseleyinbloom.org.uk.