Front Gardens

We are told to look for the silver linings in these unsettling times and one silvery line is how fantastic some Moseley gardens and frontages are looking. It is obvious, as we take our daily walks, that people have been using some of their free time to put their gardening skills into practice.

16 Salisbury Road – Parking front garden winner in 2017

Moseley’s amazing front gardens continue to inspire and give hope. So instead of the Front Garden awards scheme this year, we would like to invite every home in Moseley to participate in a special “Show off” your front garden campaign. We think your hard work deserves to be celebrated and we want to help you do this.

If you feel that your garden / balcony / hanging baskets or pots deserve to be “shown-off” please feel free to print off one of the signs below, with space for you to add your own message, or design your own entirely, or simply just hand-write “Moseley In Bloom” on a piece of paper, and put it in a see-through plastic envelope and display in it your front garden. Then drop an e-mail to and let us know your address. We will flag up your wondrous work on our website and social media channels and let people know to look out for your garden as they take their daily walks.

If you would like us to provide you with a sign, we have a partner printer who can help us for a small cost: A coated plastic sign will be £5 and a sign attached to a 1.2m stake would be £10. 

We have three slogans to choose from: “Look at what’s growing here! Pause, enjoy and stay safe”, “Garden show-off point. Please pause and peruse” and “Proud of Moseley, Proud of my plants. Please pause and peruse”

Just email and tell what you require and we’ll organise these for you.

No matter how big or small your garden or display, we want to hear from you.  Even if you just have one pot of flowers that you are particularly proud of, don’t hold back. Appreciation of the outdoors is such a great way to stay positive so “showing off” your garden may help others find their silver linings as they are out for a stroll.

Notices for you to download and print

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