Front Garden Winners

During the final two weeks of May our Front Garden Awards judges were out and about viewing the 28 gardens nominated by members of the public. All of the gardens were a delight to see, and we celebrate and encourage everyone who keeps their garden looking good not only for themselves but for all the passers-by to enjoy.

The gardens were divided in three categories, with two judges per category. This year we had two MiB committee members judging with four non-MiB local gardeners.

Small Front Garden Winner – 61 St Anne’s Court, Park Hill / Chantry Road

This is an arresting garden, designed to be enjoyed not just by the owner but also by the public and neighbours.

Large Front Garden Winner: Riverside House, 21 Alcester Road

A mature garden with beautiful shrubs and trees, a well-maintained lawn and colourful, diverse borders.

Parking Front Garden Winner: 139 Oxford Road

Lots of colour with a wide variety of planting which successfully distracts from the parking area.

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