Aug 14

Front Garden Trees

Street trees are essential and we are very pleased with our successes, and aim to do more, but trees planted in front gardens have an equally big impact on the street scene.  We all share in the enjoyment of them, though they may be on private property.  There are some streets where tree planting in pavements is either not possible or not appropriate and here the encouragement of local residents to plant trees may be the answer.  In 2007/08 therefore, we piloted the Moseley in Bloom Front Garden Tree Planting Programme.

  • Explaining the importance of front garden trees to streetscape and environment
  • Offering free advice on tree species and sitting by a local volunteer landscape architect, to give residents confidence and encouragement
  • Piggy-backing on Birmingham City Council Parks Dept to offer discounted prices on a wide range of trees
  • Persuading environmental contractors, Veolia, to deliver the trees to residents free of charge