Jun 07

Diary of a Bloomer June 08 – Birmingham Post Article

Good news and bad news this week. The good news is that Moseley is really beginning to bloom: the hanging baskets and the window boxes have arrived, one week early – well done the Parks Department! The plants take a few weeks to settle down and depending on the weather they should be flourishing by the time of the regional judging on 9th of July and looking fantastic for the national judging on 5th August.The bad news is that we have suffered repeated, mindless vandalism at the new garden at the entrance to Moseley Park on which the corporate volunteers from Lloyds TSB Autolease had worked so hard. We were still bathing in the afterglow of the achievement and appreciative comments from park users and nearby businesses when it was completely trashed. Overnight, almost all the shrubs and plants were uprooted, stamped on and thrown over fences and up alleyways. The rangers, Christine Williams and Garry Dawes replanted what they could and tried to reinstate the site as much as possible. Then on Thursday the vandals returned and wrecked everything again. Informed insiders believe that a certain group of local teenagers was injecting some excitement into the half term holiday. Glenn Fraser the garden designer, who created the scheme and had grown some of the plants himself, was sickened by the “wilful destruction”. The police are making regular checks particularly at night and if the perpetrators are caught, they will be charged with criminal damage. Meanwhile Glenn and volunteers Steve Jolly and Chrissie Small have replanted the shrubs and plants yet again and tried to restore that look of pristine promise. The euphorbias had to be thrown away, the foxgloves and other soft under planting had really taken a beating, but we hope to replace them before the judges arrive.

Back on the floral frontline we’re all very busy preparing for our biggest event of the year, “Moseley Uncovered” – the Open Gardens Weekend on 14th and 15th June. It’s an invitation to wander and wonder at the colour, planting and design of more Moseley gardens. This was a great success last year attracting around 600 visitors to an amazing variety of gardens and raising significant funds for permanent planting projects and the public floral display in Moseley Village.
Bloomers are busy distributing flyers and posters and the new crop of Open Gardeners are anxiously manicuring their lawns and looking out, eagle eyed, for any weed that may appear.

The gardens are grouped into four “Loops”, North Moseley and St Agnes on Saturday and Chantry Road and Moor Green on Sunday. There are Open Days at Moseley Park and Pool, Billesley Lane Allotments and the 18th century Dovecote Garden in the grounds of Moseley Hall Hospital. It’s a great opportunity to get ideas and inspiration, meet friends and neighbours and satisfy your curiosity about that interesting looking garden down the road. Full details are on our website www.moseleyinbloom.org and all major lampposts in the vicinity!

The gardens are open 1.30 till 6 pm both days. Refreshments and plant sales are available en route; tickets are £4 per day or £6 for the weekend and include a gardens guide.