Apr 07

Diary of a Bloomer April 08 – Birmingham Post Article

We’re under starters orders. It’s just one week until we launch Moseley in Bloom 2008, our fourth year in the campaign but our first as national finalists. Britain in Bloom is about communities creating long term improvements to their local environment and the more we can raise our profile the more people will be encouraged to support and participate in our goals. A launch helps spread the word, but it’s more hard sell than hard graft.Moseley in Bloom chair, Natalie Higgins is disappearing under a blizzard of emails, agendas, rotas and quotas and juggles taking young son Daniel, her laptop and mobile to the swimming baths to maintain her twin roles of Supermum and Top Bloomer. Business Bloomer, Jenny Brewer has balanced the budget, persuaded more pubs, restaurants and businesses to have hanging baskets and is keeping a close eye on horticultural happenings at Birmingham Parks and Nurseries. I have issued a press release, taken some pictures for the Judges Portfolio, written the new spring leaflet, and liaised with Moseley based graphic designer, Arlene Adams about our logo which she created and donated. We want a bolder version to emblazon on our new banner and some umbrellas for the judges!

We’ve decided to run a special edition of Gardeners’ Question Time at our first plant stall of the year at the Moseley Farmers’ Market on Saturday 26th April and use it as the springboard to burst into bloom. Luckily for us, the gardening gurus of Moseley are not only landscape professionals and ace horticultural experts, they are a very amenable and friendly group who allow enthusiastic bloomers like us to browbeat them into doing things for the community.

Jonathan Sandilands will field the first questions on his return from leading the team of ‘bloom buyers’ on their dawn raid to the Birmingham Flower Market. We buy top quality wholesale plant stock and sell it at very competitive prices to raise money for the public floral display in Moseley Village. Jonathan advises on plant selection and pricing and assists with transport logistics while Jenny is busy labelling the plants, checking the float, briefing our volunteer sales team and setting out the stall to be ready for the first customers at 9 am. She’s worried that we might be facing a serious plastic bag shortage before too long!

Jonathan volunteered to design and plant the new flower bed that we created a couple of years ago when the Council demolished the old public conveniences in favour of a modern ‘Superloo’. He is a well known local figure and is invariably interrogated by green fingered shoppers so he will hardly notice that he’s on stage! Next up will be John Cutts of Landscape by Design who devised planting schemes for a number of our permanent projects and supported our Front Garden Tree scheme by offering residents free advice on the selection, siting, care and maintenance of trees suitable for front gardens. And finally, our other consultants, the ladies from Lupin Garden Design, will take the stand to answer gardening queries about problem plants and pernicious weeds.
Our springtime plant stalls are an important part of our fundraising drive, but the Moseley Farmers’ Market it is also a very pleasant social event for local people. It is a great opportunity for us to raise awareness and recruit more people to the cause.

I’m expecting Natalie’s Volunteers rota in my Inbox at any minute, there’s a committee meeting tomorrow and I mustn’t forget to order some more balloons.

Stephanie Silk
Publicity Bloomer