Birmingham 13 – May 2008 Current Projects

I thought it was probably time to update Birmingham 13 readers on some of the projects which Moseley in Bloom is currently involved in. So here’s a flavour of what we’re up to:-

Permanent landscaping projects
The area outside Moseley Park – In collaboration with rangers at the Park and with help from 8 willing volunteers from Lloyds TSB Autolease this area is due to be gutted and replanted in April. Design help and guidance generously provided by local garden designer Glenn Fraser.

Brighton Place – With invaluable help from MiB volunteer and local landscape architect John Cutts (Landscape by Design) providing support and guidance to Moseley and District Churches Housing Association to revamp the area in the front of these lovely buildings. Start date: May

Reddings Road/Moorcroft Road Rose Bed – Following a request from a Reddings Road resident MiB are helping the local residents’ association with the total redesign of this bed. Design generously provided by local garden design partnership Lupin. Start date: June

Woodbridge Road Police Station – John Cutts has put together a super design for the front raised bed and area under the trees. Project currently under consideration by the Police who were very supportive of last year’s revamp carried out by Laburnum Grove Residents. The Grove’s residents’ group is the lynchpin of this scheme, the first phase of which we hope will take place in May.

Environmental Projects

Moseley Village Business Recycling scheme – following a meeting today (!) it was agreed MiB and Brumcan should work together to bring business recycling to Moseley. This will be a pilot project in the City as there is currently no unified business recycling scheme. Moseley pubs and restaurants will be the first to be invited to take part and we hope to roll it out across the Village by the end of the year.

Anti-dog fouling measures – working with local councillors to get dog poo bag dispensers provided in Highbury and Trafalgar Road parks and along some particularly badly affected roads in Moseley. This is a difficult problem to tackle and these first dispensers are a trial, more will be provided if they are successful. Friendly residents willing to refill dispensers sited outside their homes can contact us.

Street Tree/Garden Tree Planting – regular readers will be well aware that MiB planted 80 or so trees in Moseley under these two schemes over the past year. Planning for next year’s Programme will be well underway by the time you read this!

Open Gardens Weekend – Preparations are well underway for another fabulous weekend looking at Moseley gardens on the weekend of 14/15th June. Most of this year’s openers are newcomers and the gardens are all different: small and large, new and well-established, all demonstrating the passions and preoccupations of their owners. The gardens will open in four loops, with North Moseley and St Agnes/Billesley Lane loops opening on Saturday and Chantry Road and Moor Green Lane loops opening on Sunday. More details in the next issue or from our Open Gardens Section

This is just a taste of what we’re doing – if you would like more information or to get involved do please contact me.

Natalie Higgins
Chair – Moseley in Bloom c/o Moseley CDT 449 8585

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