Mar 14

Ann and Andy Roxburgh's Own Story

Ann and Andy Roxburgh’s Own Story

We bought the house in Cambridge Road in the late 70’s. One feature we appreciated was the tarmac front, for the convenience of car parking.

Over the course of years we had the tarmac replaced once and created a border against the old brick wall. Then we had the old brick wall rebuilt when we realised there was an 8″ lean in our direction By this time the tarmac had been vandalised by the Cowboy Plumbers and by last year was looking very tired. We decided it was a “project to do.” We were not certain about anything other than “we were not having those awful bricks”.

Then through the letterbox came two leaflets. One was from Moseley in Bloom and the other from the RHS promoting the idea of reclaiming your front garden for flowers. Now, there’s an idea!

I then spoke to my neighbour and Moseley-in-Bloomer, Jenny Brewer and then emailed Natalie and we started the process of getting a plan! For this purpose we approached Landscape Designer Jonathan Sandilands. We now have a plan and a starting date. The plan involves Rustic Slate paths and tracks with gravel in between. The planting will be through the gravel. As yet we have no firm idea of what to plant.

We’ve done the “before” photograph, and we’ll do the “after!”

Watch this space!

Ann and Andy Roxburgh

Ann and Andy Roxburgh (before)