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Anti-litter campaign

The current Anti-litter campaign which started in 2012 is on-going and involves several community groups. Working with the Moseley Society, Moseley in Bloom has carried out a monthly litter-pick to clean up the Village Car Park. This has become increasingly effective, with the amount of litter collected decreasing over time. Local residents have contributed to this clean up, leading to a considerable enhancement of the area. The Neighbourhood Wardens also organise litter picks  in different areas, enlisting help from local residents. Pupils from local schools have participated, clearing up litter from around their school area. Local schools have also been working on photographs which could be used for anti-litter posters. Last year, Birmingham City Council held a Litter Summit, attended by representatives of Moseley in Bloom and other local groups including the Greener, Cleaner, Safer Environment Group, which plays an important role in raising awareness about these issues across a number of areas. Ideas from these discussions will be used to plan a Litter Strategy for the whole area, including Moseley.  However, with the City Council experiencing ongoing budget cuts, implementation of anti-litter campaigns will continue to rely on the willingness of volunteers to support specific initiatives. This is one area where Moseley in Bloom would really appreciate additional help. If you have a few hours to spare each month, it could make a big difference to the cleanliness of our suburb. Please use our contact address to offer your help.


Here are some of our teams of litter-pickers:

MiB litter-pickersIMG_0676

Before and after their efforts:




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